Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles

To recap, these are the advantages of a custom printer profile :

  • A custom printer profile profiles YOUR printer with the paper you want to use. Variations in colour shifts and the colour gamut with pre-made printer profiles based on a different printer will no longer be a problem. The colours of the printed image will match what you originally captured.
  • Your prints will match a correctly calibrated monitor (particularly when viewed with soft proofing to eliminate any gamut issues). This eliminates the guesswork out of editing images.
  • Neutral black and white prints. No more colour tints within the different shades of grey.
  • You can profile any paper that you want. Need to get a good print on card for a greeting card, or want to use some fine art paper for a gallery quality print? Then our custom printer profiles will help. However please note that some card and paper is not very good with inkjet printers. If you print the charts and the colours look dull and subdued, a printer profile will not help. Paper and card that has been coated for inkjets will give you the best results.
  • You can use any third party ink. Do you want to use some cheap third party ink, or do you want to use some third party archival ink for long life prints? A custom printer profile will get you accurate prints with any combination of ink and paper.

After reading this, I hope we have shown you how a custom printer profile will help get the best quality print out of your printer. So how do you go about getting a custom printer profile? Well, you've got three choices :

  • Buy some software which creates custom printer profiles. There is some software out there which can create custom printer profiles based on charts that you print. Some need you to use a scanner to read in the charts, whilst others rely on you to visually compare the charts. It's maybe better than nothing, but it's nowhere near as precise as you would get from profiling your paper with the specialised profiling equipment, and for the cost of the software, you could get a number of your papers accurately profiled.
  • Buy a hardware package which creates custom profiles. There's a number of hardware packages out there that use a device called a spectrophotometer to read in the printed charts that will get you better results than a software solution. The only issue is the cost - for equipment and software similiar to ours, you will be looking at a bill that runs into the thousands - and that will certainly buy you a lot of our printer profiles!
  • Get us to do it for you!! For a very competitive price we can provide you with one of the most accurate profiles that you will be able to get for your printer. We use the hardware and software from the industry leaders of colour management - X-rite hardware and Profilemaker software - to create our profiles, and we think you will be very happy with the results (please take a look at our testimonials page for our our custom printer profiling service to see what our customers truely think of us!). We hope to make your profiling process as easy as possible with our detailed PDF guides which cover both the printing of the profiling charts and using the profiles, and you can feel free to email us if you have any problems at any stage. If you want the best from your printer, and would like to order a custom printer profile, then please click on Order a Custom Printer Profile.

Information on ordering, and instructions on printing out the charts can be found on How to order a custom printer profile.