Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles

How To Order

In order to get a profile, you will need to do the following (each step will be explained in more detail over the next few pages):

1. Check your system is compatible - please make sure your system is compatible - if in doubt, send us an email and let us know what software and hardware you're using.

2. Place an order - this will give you a order code to identify your charts with (that's all we need when you send us your charts). You'll then be able to follow the order online. Ordering a profile cannot be more simpler. Just logon, and then enter the details of the profile that you want (you can order more at the same time and take advantage of our discounts). You'll then get a costing which you can pay immediately with paypal, or you pay later - either with paypal, or you can send a cheque or postal order with the printed charts.

3. Download your charts - choose the right size for the paper you use, and whether you ordered a standard or an enhanced profile.

4. Download a printing step-by-step guide - choose the guide for your software that you'll be printing from. In most cases we would recommend using the Adobe Colour Printer Utility to print the charts, so you will just need the guide for that.

5. Check your printer colour management settings (for Windows only).

6. Check your printer output - make sure your printer has no blocked nozzles.

7. Check your paper type setting with the density charts - There's a paper type setting in your printer driver that determines how much ink is ut down on the paper. It is important to set that to the optimum setting in order to get the very best profile. We do make this step optional though, as it's a little more technical (if the wrong setting is used, we might need you to just reprint the charts using a different setting).

8. Print the charts using the settings within the guides.

9. Let the charts dry preferably for 24 hours.

10. Write the order code on the front of each chart - please note it's important not to write or put anything else onto the back of the charts.

11. Send the charts in a flat hard-backed envelope. Usually within a 1-3 working days from receiving your charts (and sometimes within hours!), you should get an email containing the profile.

Once we receive your charts, we will do the following...

  • Check the charts for any printing defects or damage. If there is a problem then we will email you and update your account details to state that we need a new copy of the charts
  • Update your account to state that we've received your charts.
  • Wait for payment to clear - for cheques only.
  • Scan in the charts
  • Create a number of test profiles, test and choose the best option.
  • Create the final profile.
  • Check the profile for possible errors.
  • Email the profile to you and update your account details. Please note that we do not send the charts back, but we will keep them on file for a month in case of problems.