Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles

3. Payment

Payment for a profile is either by personal cheque (in £ sterling only please, made payable to Pure Profiles), UK Postal Order or via Paypal (which allows payment by card). Paypal is the only form of payment which we can take for overseas orders.

If you want to pay via cheque or postal order, enclose the payment with the printed charts when you send them to us. As far as creating the profile goes, there is no delay for a postal order, but a cheque will result in a 5 working-day delay as we wait for the cheque to clear.

Solution Graphics

If you have not used Paypal before, it is an internet based method for paying for goods and services around the world. It's a very widespread system, being one of most popular methods of payment for Ebay and many other websites. It is free of charges for the buyer, and is very safe to use. There's a very quick registration process, which will then allow you to use your bank or credit cards for payment. Payment via paypal is requested when you place an order, and the payment is taken straight away. This means that we can get to work on creating your profile as soon as you send us your printed charts.