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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

" Before purchasing a profile I made a print to use as comparison, once my profile arrived, extremely fast I might add, I printed the same image using the profile and am absolutely amazed at the difference this has made to the output. I would not hesitate to recommend pure profiles as they provide a fast and professional service, the instructions for printing the sample/test sheets and how to use the profile once received are brilliant and comprehensive. I will be purchasing further profiles as and when my printing requirements change depending on media. Thank you to all at Pure Profiles. "

Derek Emerson

" Many thanks for the profile; it works very well, and has finally enabled me to lose a light green cast from my prints; I had begun to wonder whether there was an issue with my printer as I tried a number of different manufacturer profiles without success. There is much more highlight and shadow detail to my prints, so much so that I have dialled the contrast up a little to suit my taste. "

Jaap Buitendijk

" The profile you sent me was fantastic and worked with no problems thankyou for your service and i will let all my friends know about your service as it is first class. thanks again and will use your service again. "

Terry Mangham

" Thanks for the profile. After some initial teething problems, ( especially in Elements ) I have it working and its the nearest colour match to what I am seeing on the screen. I am pleased with the result. It works especially well with Lightroom 4. I was also very impressed with your responce from my initial enquiry, not many companies take the time to respond with such detailed answers to my questions. "

John Fowler

" Thanks for the profile it is great a huge differance, I have fantastic shadow detail in pics. I have printed a few comparison pics tonight. I thought my original ones were good but now when compared to the new icc profile you have made the difference is night and day. There is great detail in the shadows and the colours are true and very punchy also black and white is great no colour cast at all. Thanks a lot I'll be using you for all my printer profiling from now on. "

Paul Hammond

" The profile you supplied works very well. At last I can predict how images on screen will print and a yellowish cast that I found difficult to deal with has gone. I find your website to be very helpful and comprehensive. I found the test image to check which media setting worked best to be especially useful. I'm a satisfied customer and when I start to use other papers I shall get them profiled. "

Jeff Worsnop

" Thanks for the profile. Much better than the one that came with the printer. Really really pleased with the final output now and my prints have a nice 'pop' to them. Will certainly use you again in the future. "

Sean Stapley

" Many thanks for profile, brilliant!! No more wasted ink and paper!! "

Paul Wells

" Have tried out two of the different papers and they are both spot on! Thank you so much for your patience,I really do appreciate it. The quality on the soft tetxtured paper is loads better than the last profile I had done, as the image doesnt bleed and it makes the detail very much better! "

Susie Ray

" Many thanks for the fast turnaround, Just done a quick print, couldnt wait till tomorrow! Looks great, exact match to my subject. Looking forward to doing a lot of prints now! "

Alan Price

" You are absolutely GREAT. WOW! is all I can say. As you gathered by now I am extremely fussy about my colors. The profile you did brought a BIG POP to my pictures. The skin tones are spectacular, the black and Whites superb, the landscape colors absolutely tremendous. I have about 12-15 profiles but could not get that skin tone as natural as possible. This most likely to do with the papers and inks I use. Now I stick to Red River, and Precision inks and with your profile I have reached Nirvana. My pictures (colors) just pop right out at you. That's what I have been searching for the past several months. You are my saviour to my troubles in image processing. THANK YOU. Keep up the great work. "

Cornel Collins, PhD.

" I would like to thank you for the very professional service that your company has provided me with,the profile is great no more wasted paper,well worth the money and I can highly recommend your company. "

Ivan Bowman

" Thanks for speedy response, I got the profiles this morning, just one day after posting the charts to you. I have tried them both and am very pleased with the results- hopefully the need for waste paper basket to be emptied continuously will go ! "

Guido Alis

" first of all, thanks for the promptness in making and sending the profile. Secondly, the profile is superb. I am now getting the results that the printer was bought for. I will definitely be in touch for more profiles in the future. "

Michael Duffy

" Thanks have loaded profile very pleased with results the best profiling I have used. "

Peter Clinch

" I am delighted with my latest profile ! There is very little difference between the Print, and the image on my ( Calibrated ) Screen. As to your website, I feel it could not be more informative !. If I had paid more attention to it in the first place instead of only taking in the bits I thought relevant, I would not have found myself going up such a steep learning curve ! You must have some pretty sophisticated equipment there, because Prints made with each Profile and it's associated Paper are absolutely identical ! Thank you for your help in general, but particularly for your help regarding my Screen Calorimeter which really is beyond your remit. For now I am content, but I know where to go if I need further Profiling services ! "

Ray Thomas

" Received the profile for my Epson PX650 late last night. Have just printed the Test file from your site and all I can say is Wow. What a difference it has made. Before using Photoshop is was getting a blue cast when printing greyscale but this IS grey now. Thank you very much for an excellent service. "

Kevin Tucker

" Many thanks for profile received. Would just like to say.. - Superb service - Very impressed with turn-round time - Installation simple - Benefits of profile immediately obvious, esp on skin tones Once again many thanks "

Terry Marsh

" I've finally got around to installing the latest enhanced profile for my Epson R320. It is working brilliantly with very true colours. It really was worth the effort and a very quick turn around as well. Many thanks to all concerned. "

Graeme Pidgeon

" The profile is excellent and has breathed new life into my printer. Thank you so much for all your trouble it is really appreciated. "

Dave Knowler