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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

" Thank you very much for my new profile. I have installed it and checked it out in Lightroom and the results are superb. With the change in inks (from Epson to Lyson) I thought I would not be able to get back to the original colour performance but with your profile it is at least as good if not better than before. My compliments on the detailed "how to" information now available on the website. While I didn't need most of it, I am sure it will be very helpful to both novice and experienced user alike. "

Hugh Letheren

" Many thanks for your very speedy service. I must admit to being a little scepticle initially of your service but having now received and installed your profile all such reservations have been allayed ! I have just printed a complete set of wedding photos that had been giving me a lot of heartache and they look great. I found initially that the prints were a little darker than I felt was ideal but this was easily remidied by lightening the Ink density under paper config by just 10% Once again many thanks and I'm sure you be be profiling other papers for me in the near future. "

Dennis Robinson

"I have been very pleased with the results I’ve got with my profiles from Pure Profiles and impressed with their support service."

Anthony Lydekker Photography

"Thanks very much for the profile, installed without problems and is running fine, pleased with results, Thanks for all your help."

Charles Donnelly

"Many thanks for the profile. Colours and colour balance with Internet-ink (OCP) inks in my R200 are now as good as printing with Epson inks and letting the printer driver do the colour management. Very pleased with the results."

Tony Nelson

" Just a note to say that I am extremely pleased with the profile, having printed three various pictures the reproduction from screen to printer is bang on . My old Epson 1290 is now my new 1290. Thanks for doing such a great job so quickly. "

Brian Johnson

"Just a word of thanks for the profile. As a photographer working mainly in black and white I still like to use RGB files for toning etc. The problem has always been a colour shift towards magenta which disappears when I use your profile. I would also like to say thanks for your patience and help, often well out of office hours. Its an excellent service."

David Motta

" Thank you for my printer profile, received just over a week ago. I am very pleased with my purchase! The colour of my prints now is now very close to my non-calibrated monitor. My prints are slightly darker and more contrasty than my monitor but this is easily corrected at the printing stage. The use of the profile has given new life to my printer and made printing a vastly more reliable and satisfying experience! Thanks again "

John Bancroft

" Thanks for the profile for my Mitsubishi CP9550DW dye sub. It loaded easily onto the Mac and it works fine. It definitely made a difference to my prints, especially in the shadow and highlight detail. My results are balanced and more natural looking now. Many thanks again "

Stephen Edwards

"I have just had the opportunity to print off the Datacolor MatrixLarge Test Chart since receiving the profile that you have prepared for my Epson Stylus PHOTO R800 printer. In fact I printed a version with my old Epson Glossy profile, the difference is very noticeable, the overall colours are richer and the black and white parts have no colour cast. This is a signification improvement in the quality of my photographic prints and worth the cost of the profile. Also I must congratulate you one the excellent customer and delivery service. I would recommend your firm to colleagues."

Mike Martin

" Bl**dy fantastic! Just run off some test prints to compare before and after, and I am very pleased with the result. "

Trevor Mace

" Many thanks for the profile. I have just used it to print one picture that I had prints of without using the profile. The difference is really very good. I shall be telling by camera friends about your service. Your web site is very easy to use, and quite informative...Once again many thanks, I may well be back for other profiles for different paper as time goes by. "

Bob Dennis

" I've printed several photos now and the new profile seems to be a very good match for what I see on screen so I'm very pleased with it. And the tip about calibrating the screen to 5000K and 120cd/m was very helpful too. Thank you very much for your help. "

Dan Santillo

"I am absolutely delighted with the speed of your response and the accuracy of the profile. I have been printing family and holiday photos for six years but never with this degree of colour fidelity. Now the print matches the screen. Many thanks."


"I purchased a Mitsubishi CP9810DW Dye Sub printer but I was hugely disappointed with the output. The colours were, to put it mildly, all over the place. I placed an order for a profile from Pure Profiles, printed out my colour charts and posted them off. I received my new printer profile a day or so later. Huge difference. The colours were spot on. I now have enough confidence in the printer to just let it print. Thanks to Pure profiles for providing such a cost effective and speedy service."

Paul Harris – Photographer – Nottingham

" Many thanks for the profile. It is spot on! Excellent turn around time. It even surpassed your estimates. Printed your test sheet and the result is EXACTLY as my monitor screen which has been calibrated. I'm looking forward to printing some awesome photos with a minimum of waste from now on. I'll definitely be recommending you to members of my photo club. "


"Brilliant. No problem getting almost perfect prints with this new profile. We all know a print can never be the same as the screen but this profile gives me near perfect prints. I would say better than 95% plus accuracy for colour. For around £16 I would recommend a pureprofile to anyone. "

Laurie Tetley

"I compared an image printed previously with a reprint using the profile and the difference is amazing."

Ed Juon

" Thanks. I’ve now downloaded the Profile and commissioned the printer etc. and the RESULTS ARE GREAT a superb transformation from earlier prints all of which had a slight red cast over them no matter what I did. I’ll get some more profiles done on other papers ! "

Anthony Lydekker Photography

"thanks very much for all the help you gave me on the recent profile i purchased from you,iam very pleased with the results,will purchase from you again when needed."

M Rolph

" Many thanks for the profile,the printing is excellent on the new matte paper,on which I am processing a batch of greetngs cards...Many thanks for the Profile. The printing results are most satisfactory on the heavyweight paper for cards. I appreciate your prompt service,so until the next time, "

Peter Woodhead

"Very pleased with the profile, much better tones and superior black now...I have had a number of profiles from you and they are always very good. This one was for a new printer, I have used several profile suppliers but found yours to be the best and found useful info on how to produce the best chart - like when I was using the Epson R800 turning off the gloss optomiser when printing the charts on a glossy paper - nobody had told me that before. This profile has made a huge difference, the standard Epson profile is good but profiled version is vastly superior. "


"Having ordered a couple of profiles, I was having some minor problems getting the results I wanted. This was mainly to do with my monitor but your help and support was absolutely first class. I would thoroughly recommend your services to anyone."

Malcolm McLeod

"Many thanks for the profile, I am very pleased and impressed with the service you have provided"

Gordon Noble

"Got it and it gives a result that is subtly different to the standard Epson *Premium gloss) profile – more neutral with slightly lighter midtones. Very pleased – thank you. Good instructions helped with the success (previous attempts with other, more expensive, companies had failed miserably ."

Vince Cunningham