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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

"Just received my new profile, and within minutes was running my first test prints on my ageing Canon S9000. Delighted with the results; cannot remember getting such a close approximation to the image on my monitor before. Much impressed, too, by the thoroughness of your pre-order 'instructional' pdf, which was most helpful in preparing the charts; much more so than a rival (and more expensive) company's guide!"

John Chapman

"Done it AGAIN!! Just keep on doing it! Brilliant. Spot on. I printed my test page on the paper and got a PERFECT image. Colours SPOT ON."

David Lacy-Hulbert

" Wow! I wasted 2 saturday afternoons trying to correct a strong brown colour cast via printer profiles using a piece of demo software (AMS Color Darkroom). What a waste of time that was. I haven't printed any photos yet, but just the grey testcard I printed shows perfectly neutral (to my eye) greys with no hint of brown or blue. From now on, I will factor in the cost of one of your profiles to any printer I buy, and will be boring anyone that will listen about how good this service is. "

Greg Woods

"Thanks so much for the profile. I am glad to report it works. Best £15 I have spent in a long time to alleviate weeks of frustration."

Mark Bell-Williamson

" By the way the profile that you sent me is much better than the other profiles that I have from another vendor. The level of detail and tonal range is far superior in your profile. I will be getting all of my other papers done by you... Very much appreciated and well worth having the right profile for the right paper - it is amazing what a huge difference that makes. I now have a consistent method of printing the finest detail of a watercolour painting. I thought that i needed to calibrate my grahic arts scanner but all i needed was a professional profile for my Epson R2400 printer. "

Peter Bowen

" Hi, thanks for the fast turnround of the profile. I have checked the profile as follows : photographed an X-rite color checker chart and used Adobe DNG Profile editor to get an optimised camera profile printed the picture using Lightroom after installing your profile Sucess - the colours, when compared with the original X-rite chart were the most accurate I have ever seen - the only minor point is a slight loss of colour intensity. Skin tone are now skin tones! "


"Many thanks for supplying profile after all this time. I would be lost without it, never fails to give me good prints via Photoshop."

James Spink

"Thanks for the profile, which I am happy to report works wonderfully, also for turning everything around so quickly."

Francis Ware

"Thanks for the speedy turn around on this.. I recalibrated my monitor this morning and the printer profile is spot on. My own test print sheets look great."


"Thank you so much for the profiles that I received this morning; the difference that they have made is staggering!"

Edward Newton

" Many thanks for my profile, at last I'm printing what I see. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! "

Trevor Bray

"Thanks for the profile for my Epson printer. I have printed out a number of 7 x 5's across a range of colours with excellent results. I have been a very keen amateur photographer for longer than I care to say and have always had problems since going digital in producing prints that matched what I saw on my monitor. This is now over thanks to you and your profile. Your web site is excellent in explaining what profiles are, how they work and how to install and use them. Many thanks once again for an excellent product."

Graham Grimshaw

" I can’t thank you enough for all you help and extra work I have created for you. I would recommend your service to anyone and the customer support is excellent "

Trevor Steward

"Hi.. Recieved your profile via E-mail, and have just printed some files.They have been opened in Photoshop and printed as instructed, no colour correction.They are spot on ..... Many thanks"

Ian Horrobin

" Thankyou for your prompt attention and the "accuracy" with which you have prepared, and supplied the new profile to me. Before getting this profile I was missing some detail in the highlight areas of my dye sub prints. With your help this is now sorted and I am a happy bunny! (well it is Easter). I'll be in touch again soon to order some new profiles for my other printer. "

Alan Cooney

" Your profiles for the three different papers were excellent. I have had profiles for two of them from the manufacturers which were unsatisfactory. and the manufacturer would not supply a profile for the other. I had tried other providers but without success. I have test printed with two different test image sheets and the results are so good that I am now able to fine tune my final image by the selection of paper - not the selection of profile! Your guidance sheets which I was able to download with pdf files were excellent. So good that the images gave me the confidence of knowing I was making the correct settings. I can only suggest that you provide a pdf file for the PhotoShop CS1 in PDF format as it was a bit difficult to cut - paste - print. "

David Lacy-Hulbert

" Just a quick message to say thank you for the above profile that you did for me last week. I have found it to be very good, if not better than some others that I have had done for my main Epson 2100 printer. Considering the R200 printer had become an unused family ‘hack’ I can now produce some much cheaper but accurate print outs for the family and use up the Ilford paper that the 2100 could not use! In fact the prints are pretty impressive considering its price. So thanks. I’ll certainly use your services again when I need another profile. "

Graham Panton

" Many thanks for establishing and sending the profile for my Epson Stylus Photo 2000P with Fujifilm Premium satin paper and cheap ink. I have now tested this profile, using the PhotoDisc, Inc test image and just want to report that I am completely happy with the profile you sent: nice yellows and whites; nice tones in the white shades; subtly crisp reds and oranges and, to me most important of all, beautiful skin tones. A great success all around. "

Uwe Ackermann

" thanks for the new profile. We now have customers whose faces don t look as if they have been laying in the sun for a month.We will be sending you some of our other machines profiles presently "


" Previously, printing from Photoshop (with the printer driver adjustments turned off) and using the canned profiles supplied by Epson for their paper and ink resulted in prints with a strong magenta midtone/highlight cast with a green shadow cast - prints didn't look anything like the image on my screen and were unusable, even when softproofing using the Epson profile. Letting the printer driver take care of things improved things somewhat but results were still very disappointing. After purchasing a custom printer profile from you and following the very clear and detailed instructions, I posted my test prints and found an ICC file attachment sitting in my email inbox first thing Saturday morning, so an impressive turnaround time given that you received my test prints on either Wednesday or Thursday. I tried out the profile using Photoshop CS4 to print a favourite photo of my niece and it's almost perfect. The print is slightly darker than the photo displayed on my calibrated and profiled Dell monitor but I was viewing the print under relatively dim household tungsten light rather than a daylight-balanced lamp which would be a fairer comparison and one which I'll try later. Obviously I'm very pleased with my new profile and my prints are much better than before. "

John O'Connell

"I am absolutely delighted with the profile, it has breathed fresh life into my printer! The colours are very impressive, I have previously used Loxley for quality prints, now I am more than happy to use my newly profiled Olmec OP1000 with a renewed confidence! "

Dave Knowler

"Many thanks cured all my color problems,very fast turn around,once again thank you"

Joe Healey

"Just wanted to say that I just installed my custom profile. Wow, it is just amazing! The colors are much truer to what my monitor is displaying than I have ever seen! No more time-consuming trial and error of tweaking the color saturations and hues to get rid of excess greens, blues, etc, and then printing, and then re-tweaking, and re-printing! I only have to print it once with no worries! And your turnaround time is amazing, I thought it might take longer since I was in the US, but I mailed them off on the 17th and my profile was emailed on the 23rd! You guys are the best! "

Renee Lake

" Superb result from initial print ! Far better than the canned profiles I have. Will be ordering for a different paper today ! "

Graham Berks

" Just wanted to say thanks for the profile you recently sent me. After months of frutration trying to get accuracy in my prints, I now finally get magnificent results ! "