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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

" Thanks for the profile which I have installed and tested. It’s fantastic. Why didn’t I get one sooner? I will get further profiles once I can make my mind up which paper to choose. "

Gerard Mulryan

" I'm just sitting here churning out some A4 sheets direct from Lightroom, with two or three pix on each to send as proofs to a mag. looking at them and the screen, and thinking how good they are. And it struck me that after the help you gave me in your emails last month, it would only be polite to let you know exactly that! The quality of colour is spot on and I have to say I really am pleased about that. Thanks again: you've made an old man very happy, as they say! "

Arthur Allan

"Thank you for the profile. It has made a real difference to the quality of prints I am getting from my Epson printer. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to print a photograph that was to be given to friend as a wedding present. The combination of paper I was using and the printer was giving the prints a very green colour and spoiling the print. I was so disappointed with the printers output that I was actually looking for a new printer. It was only while doing this that I found Pure Profiles and used their service. Their profile has saved me from buying a new printer and given me pictures of a quality that I world not have expected from a relatively cheap printer. My only worry now is how much I will spend on ink over the coming weeks!"

Tim Summerfield

" Thankyou so much for my recent profile. It is quite literaly amazing. I have already recommended you to everyone I know and I will most certainly be placing another order, in fact several, one for every paper I have! You really are the Ronseal of colour management. I was a little dubious you could really live up to the claims but yes, indeed, what I now see on my screen is excactly what I get from my printer, it is a miracle! I have spent the best part of a year and untold wasted pounds on paper and ink trying to get results half as good. These profiles pay for themselves. So thankyou very much, on top of the excellent results you also provided a fast efficient service with well written concise intructions. All in all an A1+ from another more than happy customer for whom you exceeded expectations. "

Charlotte Marshall

" I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy of my new profile - I can now soft proof with absolute confidence. The guides on the website are thankfully idiot proof - anyone can follow those instructions! In simplest terms what I now see on my (calibrated) monitor is what I see on paper when I print. My email was answered in record time and my profile arrived a couple of days after I posted the charts. Thank you Sam for all your hard work "

Brian Jones

"Printing accurate colour in relation to what is seen on screen is always a tricky business and in my case this was evident and exazerbated by not using recommended paper and inks. As such the results from my first profile were not as expected but with your considerable time, effort, patience and detailed instructions, tips and advice on monitor calibration and paper settings etc I now able to print some spectacular photos using the revised profile that was prepared free of charge as part of your service. I have no hesitation in recommending your services both to members of my photography club and indeed anyone who requires accurate printing."

Damian Strain

"I used your profile on my epson 2400 and epson premium semigloss paper. Absolutely fantastic results. I should have tried it earlier instead of wasting a lot of paper."

Mani Puthuran

"I've finally got round to properly trying the printer profile you created for me. It's excellent, I'm using non standard inks on an Epson printer and previously any photos I printed had a very heavy green colour cast which made it unusable to print photos. But even though there was such a big correction to be made your profile seems to have pulled it in very accurately. Thanks very much and thank you for such good service and a very usable web site to boot."

Phil Harbord

"I received the profile today, and it seems to work perfectly. Your website is excellent - easy to use, comprehensive - just the job for experts and idiots alike! I think your support is great too!"

Marilyn Taylor

"Thanks for profile you sent. Am now using Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and with the profile you did for me I am getting much better results with my photos than ever before"

Ken Morton

" Many thanks for the profile you sent me, I have just printed some of the best prints I have ever managed to print using your profile. The instruction on your web site were easy to understand and worked first time. Thanks again for your excellent service. "

Martin Norman

" Just to tell you that I am hugely impressed with the performance of the profile you made. I use an Epson 1290 printer, and the general (Epson printer) profile from the Ilford site gave a print with a strong green cast. Your calibration profile is giving results which mean that Epson print images supplied by my calibrated PhotoClub colleagues, and those I have produced on Epson papers, are giving identical results on the Ilford Classic Pearl paper I am now using in my Epson 1290 Printer. The close match to my calibrated screen image, when used in Proof Setup, is also very satisfying "

Alan Boothman

" Awesome, thank you very much. It works perfectly in Lightroom, finally IK can start printing stuff at home that looks decent. "

Kevin Robertson

" I have just printed my first set of images and all I can say is... Wow.!!!! I regularly calibrate my monitor and use the set up programme for the printer, but have never been able to get the printer output to match the monitor. Even using colour adjustments in the printer screen it has always been a bit of a gamble as to how the prints will look. I obviously need to put a number of prints through to check consistency, but I am really impressed. I should have done this years ago. I am very impressed with the product and your service and I'm very grateful for your prompt help. And the cost makes it all very accessible. "

Edward Stagg

" Thank you very much for all your help setting up my printer - help way beyond the cost of the profile that I paid for. I have just made two prints from Photoshop and they are very good and an accurate representation of what appeared on the monitor. I don't know why I got such bad prints after installing the profile for the first time, but they are certainly much better now. I think one breakthrough was to adjust the angle of the monitor; it might be worth mentioning this in other problem cases! "

Jeremy Moore

" Printed out your RGB test chart using the Printer Driver and then the profile you supplied. Noticible improvement in quality especially in the way the skin tones in the child's face are reproduced. The detail in the shore scene was also much clearer. Very pleased with the results. Thanks for the prompt service. "

Stefan Pijanowski

"I have just installed the profile and done test printout on my Epson Stylus Photo 870. (Not the most up to date printer but not ready for landfill yet. ) The profile has produced the best results I have seen from this printer for years. Colour casts have disappeared and what comes out of the printer is a very good match to what I see on screen. This profile has saved me a lot of aggravation ink and paper. Overall an excellent result."

Dave Mason

" I was very impressed with the profile that you sent - it was "spot on". I would never have gotten that close with my Colorvision Profiler Plus. I am so impressed, in fact, that as soon as I fit the Continuous Ink system (I'm awaiting delivery) to my new Epson Photo R285 printer I will send for further profiles. "

John Hall

"Thanks very much for the profile. I've not used your service before, but it has been a pleasant discovery: the profile you made looks excellent, producing accurate colours and a good smooth tonal range on my HP B9180, on both colour and black and white images. I'll certainly be recommending your service to friends."

Brian Smith

"just wanted to say thanks for the profile - my prints are coming out much better than I had anticipated from getting a custom profile."

Martin Winter

"Absolutely spot on. I shall order a further profile soon. Excellent, customer-based service, and very much appreciated. "

Andrew Woodhall Heckmondwike

"Thank you for your excellent service. I can now view my pictures on screen and be sure of that they come out printed as I see them, great."

Kent Eriksson

" Just to let you know really pleased with the profile, will be ordering some more. Trialed your test print and some of my photos, much better than the generic lyson profile. Pics are a tad darker than whats on my screen, but not enough to matter. However, I do know that even if calibrated (which mine is at gamma 2.2) LCD backlit pics will always seem lighter than reflective photo's. Main thing the results are good. Thanks for your help "

John Honeyman

" I loaded the profile you shipped on Thursday and I am very surprised at the difference it has made. I can now print a picture and be happy to show it to someone where before I had actually given up printing as the quality was so rubbish. I wish I had you create a profile sooner as I can't even begin to count how much ink, paper and time I wasted trying to make this work myself. Thanks for a super service "


" Thanks for sending the profiles. I've just tried a couple of prints and they are excellent. For the Ilford paper, I'd been using the generic profiles from Ilford's web site, and for the Fotospeed, we'd had a custom profile made as part of the deal when buying the paper. However, the printer has suddenly started producing very dark, muddy prints (seems to be a common problem with the R800, according to various web forums) and after a few abortive attempts to apply adjustment curves in order to alleviate the problem, I decided that a new set of custom profiles was the answer. I'm happy to say that it was, and we can once again rely on getting accurate prints. "

Paul Gould