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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

"Thank you for your profiles. I am so happy to be able at last to print out in the correct colours. I do find that I cannot just go straight to the printer and obtain the correct colours straightaway if the printer has not been in use even only 24 hours. So now I always run the cleaning process on the printer before trying to print out photographs. This way I get the correct colours first go"

Kate Jackson

"Just to say that I am thrilled with the profile you provided. The prints are the best match I have had to the pictures I view on my monitor. Thank you. Your website is easily navigable too."

Sharon Fishenden

"I have messed about for years trying to get the colours (and b+w) right, now they instantly match the screen, (this was profiled too beforehand). should have found you out long ago, my printer is now smoking from the reprints I'm doing! The colour tints that I suffered from have all gone, and b+w prints look neutral, I'm really pleased with the results. I will be sending you more test prints for you to profile once I decide which printer/paper combination I wish to use.I will have no hesitation in recommending your services. Many thanks for a first class service."

Pete Rainford

"I am delighted with my profile. I have been disappointed with my Canon i965 since day one and have been on the point of getting rid of it several times. I even had a profile made which made my prints much worse. However I feel that I have made progress at last and will have you produce profiles with other paper stock which I use."

Albert Birnie

"Just a quick couple of lines to let you know that my profile has arrived and has been succesfully installed. I can now get perfect black and white prints without that awful colour cast. I was sceptical at first and a little daunted by the various procedures involved but everything went smoothly and I am very pleased with the results. Many thanks for a great service."

Clive Roberts

" The profile is excellent. I¹d calibrated my monitors and was quite happy with the profile that Epson had recommended for my Stylus Photo 2100, but I thought that I¹d see if your profile would make any difference, and it did! I realise now that I can compare profiles that my previous prints had been slightly on the cold side and I now get a definite improvement in shadow detail. Thanks again for the friendly and professional service. "

Michael Kay

" Excellent profile, its made all the difference and now my prints match my monitor Yippeeeeeeeee....both give excellent colour and compare virtually identical to my screen. You wouldn't believe how long I have tried to get were I am now. Just wish I had heard about you earlier. Next purchase will be for an Epson premium glossy profile so expect my order soon. Brilliant service and thanks again for your help. "

Steve Valentine

"The two profiles I ordered work a treat! I was using some default profiles that come with the printer and I was especially struggling with Black and white prints and couldn't get rid of colour casts - but now thanks to your profiles the prints are *real* black and white.Excellent stuff and professional and quick service."

Fabrizio Quagliuso

"Thanks for the profile. I am delighted with it. Some life has been put back into my old Epson Stylus Photo 1200!"

Andre Barallon

"Thanks for the profile, what a transformation!!, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others."

Paul Wells

"I received the profile and followed instructions to install all very straightforward for someone as computer illiterate like me. The profile is superb, at last I can print out decent photographs."

Alastair C Foggo

"Hi many thanks for your prompt service, i have loaded profiles and printed an image both before and after installing them and at first glance there is quite a difference. I look forward to ordering further profiles for different papers in the future."

Bill Pound

"Delighted with profiles, quick service and great backup."

Keith Rolleston

" Thanks very much for my profile, I can't believe that I had'nt bothered to profile my printer before. It is perfect and saves a lot of time and expense. The colours are so much more accurate and skin tones are spot on. I will definitely recommend and use your services again. "

D Howell

"Many thanks! Delighted with profile! Result!"

Gael Keevil

"Hi, many thanks for the printer profile, it has made a huge difference to my printing! Very fast turn around and very easy to follow instructions for setting the printer and installing the profile. Thanks very much."

Stephen Kiley

"Many thanks. I've installed the profile and re-printed a photo that I printed just the other day. The results appear amazing at first glance. I need to do some more prints and comparisons, but it looks like I'm about to wish I'd profiled the printer a long time ago!"

Simon Wren

"(Regarding a problem print...) Your profile has transformed it. It's hardly dry but already the colour of the jacket is much truer to the original, the contrast is much higher and the range of colours seems greater without being vivid. By the way, I chose you over a cheaper rival because of the meticulous detail in your printing instructions for the tests (using Photoshop Elements 5), which if I remember correctly, ensured that the image was imported untagged with no print space which the other site missed. As I only have a limited understanding of colour management I guessed that this attention to detail was significant and would carry through to your preparation of the profile. "

Andrew Bealing

"Just a quick line to let you know the profile I ordered from you has sorted out my colour management headache. The prints from my Epson R2400 were darker than they should have been. Thanks to your profile my prints now match what I see on my monitor. I'll know where to come in future should I ever have any more problems, thanks."

Marc Paull

"I have installed the new profile and that has fixed it. No sign of any magenta cast now (or any other cast). Great, I'm very happy with it now. I think I've got as perfect a match between what is on the monitor and what prints out as I am ever likely to get. Thank you for taking the extra trouble to fix the problem."

Philip Atkinson

"Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. Both profiles are excellent and the printers are producing outstanding results!"

Howard Leigh

"I have installed the new profile and that has fixed it. No sign of any magenta cast now (or any other cast). Great, I'm very happy with it now. I think I've got as perfect a match between what is on the monitor and what prints out as I am ever likely to get. Thank you for taking the extra trouble to fix the problem."

Philip Atkinson

"Just printed the Photodisc test page with the two profiles you did for me recently. Excellent fidelity with my calibrated and profiled monitor. Nice open shadows. Apart from the different paper surfaces, each print matched the other. Couldn't be better!"

Leonard Salem

"Thanks very much, this was an excellent quick and very effective service, I am really impressed and will recommend Pure Profiles to my friends, couldn't be happier"

Martin Gardner

" I would just like to say a big Thank you for getting the profiles off to me before Christmas, all received OK and spot on as always. "

Andrew Day