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Are you still unsure on whether a custom printer profile will really help? Can a printer profile really make a noticeable difference? Here are just some of the comments that we have received from customers who have found how custom printer profiling can really help with their printing.

"I was hoping that I would get better prints but not by that much. My prints are now spot on. Absolutely great work. Will order more as soon as I get different papers. Thank you for a fast and excellent work."

Fernando Botelho

"I've just installed the profile for the R800. Amazing! I should have done this months ago. The only problem is that it will now cost me a fortune catching up on the printing I always wanted to do! Thanks for your help."

Trevor Page

"Hello, received the ICC profile at half past midnight Friday night! Don't you guys sleep? Installed it this afternoon and was amazed with the colour match accuracy. So much so, that I've placed another order for a profile for a different printer. Great service!"

Jez Naylor

"Many thanks for sending me my printer profile. Using your very clear instructions it was easy to install and use. My printed photographs have now lost a slight greenish (muddy) tint and are virtually indistinguishable from the original scene and to how they appear on my (calibrated) monitor, making for confident editing in Photoshop.Highly recommended!"

Brian Dean

" The profile works a treat - I have been struggling for months trying to get the colour right. I came across your website and figured it had to be worth a try - and it was.Now I have the confidence that I will see in print what is on screen. The colours are spot on, and the detail I was losing has all come back. When I'm ready to try other stock I'll be in touch again. "

Andy Evans

" Just a quick thank you for the splendid profiles you produced for my Epson 1290 and 870 machines using Jessop paper - it was easy to produce the charts and to install the profile - the results are excellent producing good colour and mono prints - many thanks again for your excellent service - I will be ordering again in the near future. "

Brian Salmon

" I received my profile the other day and I am nothing short of delighted with it - no more magenta casts! "

Gary Beers

" I have been using a couple of your profiles for the last two weeks and the results are great - especially as you put me on to Qimage as well. The combination has solved a lot of problems and produces my best prints yet. Many thanks. "

John Sears

" Although, I was pleased with the results I was getting from my colour printer, the image was never the same as that on my monitor. So I took the decision that the best course of action was to have my monitor calibrated and have a professional profile for my colour ink/paper combination. However, it wasn't until this week when I was printing black and white images that I realised how impressive your profiles actually are. I now have a fantastic neutral tone, a colour cast virtually unnoticeable. "

Marek Lange

" Received my profile today and am absolutely delighted with it. I should have done this a long time ago and saved a lot of wasted paper and ink. The colours are so accurate and vibrant. I will certainly be ordering more profiles from you. "

Matt Linn

" Just received my profile today. No two ways about it. Stunning results. Best 20 quid I've spent on my photography in some time. I will amost certainly be using you again in the future for different paper types, but more importantly I'll be recommending you to my friends. Thank you for a fast service and freedom from the printing lottery....... "

Bruce Little

" I got my custom made profile from Pure Profiles today and just wanted to say how happy I am with the results. One photo in particular that I had not been able to print to a high standard has now been printed just as I wanted. "

Simon Brown

"I tried the profile. Very pleased with the result. There is a small but marked difference compared with the Fuji generic profile I was using."

Alan Hurton

" The profile works well and has given me a starting point to correct my monitor. Once I've adjusted my monitor I'll need to revisit a lot of pictures that I've corrected. "

Simon Nurse

" I was hoping for although wasn't expecting such a quick turn around on my profile which by the way is spot on. I should have done this weeks ago, it would have saved so much time and hassle. Thanks for an excellent service. "

Adam Colley

" Many many thanks for your help and patience. I am most impressed with your customer service and the super results your profiles produce. Brilliant speed, Brilliant help, Brilliant service, Brilliant profiles. A confident and unreserved recommendation. "

John Blanchard

" A little nervous about the instalation aspect, but I followed your very clear instructions and everything worked first time. I didn't think there was an awful lot wrong with the printer set up, (just wanted to get the best image possible), but how wrong I was !! Colours are a lot more like they should be, and as an added bonus, there is a lot more detail in the dark night skies in the photos taken a week ago which were showing some nasty grey tones but are now richly and clearly defined. Excellent value for money, and a swift and painless solution to printer profiling. "

Filips Hanysz

"As good as it gets."

Richard Kenny

"I'm very happy with the profile and the service you have provided, my prints are now spot on. I will certainly be using your service again when I change the brand of my ink and paper stock."

Richard Gillett

" Many thanks for doing my printer profiles which all work very nicely and give excellent results, not only on paper but also soft proofing on screen. It's emotionally very satisfying to produce beautifully balanced prints with fine gradation. I had forgotten how important it was to keep profiles up to date! "

Alan Brown

"Just used the Profile you created for me, It is spot on! I am very pleased with the results and will no doubt use your service again. The turn around was very fast indeed, Posted Test Prints Friday and received the profile late Sunday evening. Thanks Very Much!"

Christopher Kemp

" You guys are fantastic! I could have saved myself a lot of time, paper, ink, money and headaches had I contacted you earlier. What a super service and soo quick! Did not expect a response from you on a Sunday night! Thanks a lot- will immediately order more profiles for all my papers! A very happy bunny!!! "

Stefanie Kappel

" Many thanks, the profile works really well - I have previously tried a couple of cheap commercial profile generators but both required much manual adjustment to even come close to the standard Epson profiles - I wish I had saved my money! I will certainly use you again when I need another combination of paper / ink profiled, you offer a professional service from the quality of your web site through to the delivery of the product - a welcome change! "

Graham Lock

" Many thanks for the prompt service and accurate colour profile you created for me. I had been considering a custom profile for some time and can now really appreciate how worth while it was. The site was really easy to use and the instructions from printing the target were easy to follow. Once again thanks for the fast service, I’ll definitely be ordering again. "

Duncan Heavisides

" Just a quick note to thank you for the printer profile.... It has cured my constant headache of accurately replicating photos from my display screen. Thanks again.... I will be using you in the future! Great value for money! "

Chris Richardson