Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles

9. Sending The Charts

Once the charts are printed, it is very important to leave them to dry. Even if they seem touch dry, we would recommend leaving them for 24 hours. Once dry, you need to write an identifying code onto each chart. If you look at your emailed order summary or at your current history (login at the prompt above to see your account details), you will see that each profile has a unique code of 3 numbers. Write this on the top right hand corner on the front of each chart - please do not write anything else on the charts, either on the front or back, or place any stickers on the back. The code is all we need to identify the charts, and any writing on the back can cause scanner errors when the charts are processed.

If you print on paper larger than A4, and want to trim the paper down to the size of the charts, please leave a gap of around 2cms from the block of coloured patches, as the scanner uses the white of the paper within the scanning process.

Please place the charts into a flat envelope - preferably cardboad backed. Please do not fold the charts or use a tube. To keep the charts as pristine as possible, we would also recommend writing the address onto the envelope before putting the charts in. Please send the charts to :

117 Leybourne Avenue,
BH10 6ET
United Kingdom

Please note that the minimum postage will be at least a Large First Class stamp - we do recommend checking the weight of your envelope at the Post Office, as we do get some sent to us without the correct postage. These result in a delay of anything up to a week before the Post Office informs us of the problem, and then there is an extra fee to pay - so please check your postage before sending!