Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles

What do I need for a Custom Printer Profile?

There are just a few requirements for getting and using a custom printer profile :

  • You have imaging software or a printer driver which can print using printer profiles - this software is quite often referred to as being "ICC profile aware" or is advertised as having full colour management. Please check that your software can use printer profiles first before you order any. Examples of colour managed software are Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Aperture, Lightroom, Qimage, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, and Picture Window Pro. Also, some printer drivers like some of the epson drivers can also allow you to select a printer profile to print with.
  • Your printer uses a standard RGB printer driver - If you're using a standard inkjet or dyesub printer, then you're almost certainly using an RGB printer driver. It does not matter how many inks you have in your printer - even the latest printers with extra red, green or blue inks are still RGB printers and are compatible with our printer profiles. Please note that there is also another way of printing rather than using the standard driver, and that is by using a utility called a RIP. These tend to be used more on professional wide format printer. We can profile these, but as they use a different form of profile (CMYK instead of RGB), they need a different set of charts. Please contact us at Pure Profiles for details if you need a profile for your RIP.
  • You are using a Windows or a Mac operating system - The custom printer profile that is created can be used for both operating systems. The printer profile supplied will have a .icc extension, which is the default extension for Macs. A while back Windows used to want only a .icm extension, but all the latest versions accept the .icc extension (if your older windows software cannot see the printer profile, you can rename the printer profile with a .icm extension). If you are using Linux, we can provide the printer profile, but unfortunately we are unable to test it on a linux platform.
  • You have software that is compatible with the printer profiling process - this used to be an issue and meant that users of software such as Lightroom weren't able to get profiles (even though you can use profiles wihtin Lightroom), as the software wasn't fully compatible with the printer profiling process. At that time the only solution was to download a trial version of Photoshop from Adobe and print the profiling charts using that. Thankfully this changed when Adobe release a small, free utility that allowed you to print profiling charts. Please see Adobe Colour Printing Utility for more details on how to download and use this utility - due to the straight forward nature, we would recommend all out customers to use this utility even if your software is compatible with the printer profiling process.

If you're in any doubt about whether your software or printer is compatible with the printer profiling process, or with printer profiles in general, then send us an email and we'll let you know.