Custom printer profiling - fix your colour management issues with a profile from Pure Profiles
Stop wasting your paper and ink - use a custom printer profile

Custom Printer Profiling with Pure Profiles

If you're having printer colour management issues with colour casts or inaccurate colours, or you just can't get a good print on a new paper, then we can solve it for you. Our aim is to provide you with a professional quality ICC printer profile with our custom printer profiling service that will allow you to print accurate colours every time, and at a price which is affordable to everyone - from the professional photographer, to the home enthusiast.

Custom printer profiling means we profile the printer, paper, and ink that you use, so the resultant profile will give you colour accuracy that is fully optimised for your system.

By using the latest professional tools (X-rite's Eye One Pro and ProfileMaker Pro), combined with our years of experience in profiling and computer imaging, we will try to make your custom printer profiling experience an easy and enjoyable one. Our comprehensive step-by-step guides will guide you through the process, and we will always answer any questions that you might have.

Our Prices

Standard Profile


This is our standard profile (918 colour patches for the A4 size), suitable for most inkjet, dye-sub and laser printers

Enhanced Profile


This enhanced profile requires more charts to be printed, but results in a small but noticeable difference in colour accuracy compared to our standard profile.

10% discount for 3 or more profiles
20% discount for 5 or more profiles

Plus a money back guarantee if you're not satisified with the results!

What can an ICC printer profile do for me?

When you print a photo, the printer uses generic settings to choose how the colours should appear. This may look good for certain papers, but there are major limitations. Change to a different paper, and the colours will look different. Change to a different type of ink, and the colours will look different again. Add in wear and tear to the printer, and your colours can change again. Colour casts may appear, and details within the print may become lost, resulting in lots of paper and ink used whilst trying to get a good print. And that's all before you even try to get your prints to match with the colours on your monitor. Does this sound familiar?

This is what printer profiles are designed to fix. A printer profile is a basically a description of how your printer prints colours on a particular paper. With colour management enabled, it's used within the conversion process of the image as it is sent to the printer, so that the colours are printed as accurately as possible. A good profile will mean that you only have to print the photo once - no Photoshop adjustment of colours needed - just accurate colours every time. If you have your monitor calibrated, you will also get the benefit of having a print that matches what you see on screen, making colour editing a breeze.

In case you're wondering, ICC stands for International Color Consortium - they've defined an ISO-approved colour management standard for how profiles define how imaging devices work with colour, so that a profile will be compatible with all other profile aware software.

Our ICC Printer profiles are compatible with Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements

Is my system compatible with custom printer profiling?

At Pure Profiles, we specialise in RGB ICC profiles. For almost all inkjet (Epson, Canon, HP etc.), dye-sub and laser printers that have a Windows or Mac printer driver, then this will be the printer profile that you need (we can provide CMYK profiles for RIP users upon request).

A recent free utility from Adobe that is designed to print profiling charts has meant that most customers can now print the profiling charts without the need for software that is fully compatible with the profiling process - this now means Lightroom and Aperture users can benefit from custom profiles without having to use Photoshop to print their profiling charts. We keep a list of known issues with certain printers and applications on our compatibility page in our how to order section.

What are the limitations of a printer profile?

A printer profile is designed to be highly accurate, but it is very specific to what is being used with your printer. Your printer colour output changes if you change the paper, type of ink, or some of the printer driver settings. A printer profile has to be created based on one set of these, and the same settings, paper and ink have to be used each time it is used. Changing any of these can result in poor results (please note that the printer profile does not depend on the size of the paper - a profile created on A4 paper can still be used on 6x4 paper).

What's the difference between a generic printer and a custom printer profile?

You can often get a generic printer profile for free from your paper manufacturer's site - providing your printer is supported. These have usually been created based on a sample group of printers, and can usually get you better colour than without using a printer profile. However, the actual colour output of a printer varies from one to the other, even if they are the same model. There will be a tolerance range for the output of the printer in the manufacturing process to determine whether the ouput is acceptable. Generally, the more consumer level printers will have a much wider tolerance range compared to the professional level printers. Now if your printer is at one end of that range, and the generic profile is more in the middle, then your colours will not look that good. Factor in that the output of a printer changes considerably over time due to wear and tear to the printhead, and even changes in a printer driver update can affect the colour output, and you will see how a generic printer profile will not give you the very best colours. This is where a custom printer profiling helps - the resultant printer profile is designed to get the optimum output from your printer, on the paper of your choice, based on the colours your printer can output.

How long does a printer profile remain accurate?

Generally printer profiles remain accurate for a long time - for a lot of our home users, we'd say the printer profile will give good results for as long as the printer lasts. However the accuracy will drift over time due to wear and tear to the printhead. If you use your printers regularly, then you might find you need to reprofile every now and then - some of our professional photographers reprofile as often as every six months, but a reprofile every one to two years would probably be beneficial for most others.

How do I order a custom printer profile?

Please just place an order online with us - there's a very quick registration and ordering process, and then you'll be able to keep track of your order by looking at your account. You'll be given a unique code to write on your charts. You'll then need to download a set of profiling charts and a printing guide from our downloads page. Print the charts out following the step-by-step instructions in the guide, mark them with the order number, and then send them to us - we'll identify the charts by the code. We'll then get a printer profile emailed to you within 1-3 working days. Full instructions on ordering a custom printer profile can be found in our How To Order section.

Using the Density Charts to find the optimal media type setting

For more tutorial videos showing the profiling process broken down into the 5 steps, please go to our Videos page.

Why should I choose Pure Profiles?

We've been supplying custom printer profiles since 2005, and have many satisified customers - please take a look at our testimonials page to see what our customers think - many of whom had never tried profiles before, and were surprised by the results.

We only use the highest quality equipment and software (X-rite's Eye One Pro and ProfileMaker Pro)- there is cheaper equipment out there, but the results of our printer profiles speak for themselves.

We also understand how important customer support is when dealing with the often confusing world of colour management - we don't just send the profile out to you and then abandon you - we will do our utmost to solve any problems you have, and that can be very important when choosing someone to create a printer profile for you. Not all printer profiles work straight away for a variety of reasons (blocked printer nozzles, wrong paper type selected, a mistake made in the settings), and we'll work with you until we have a printer profile working well for you. We also have had many comments praising our step-by-step guides - making sure the settings are correct is one of the most important factors in getting a printer profile to work, so we were determined to make sure that the guides are as easy to follow as possible.

Download our custom printer profiling guides for detailed step-by-step instructions

Money Back Guarantee

There's one last thing which we hope will help convince you to give profiling a try with us ... a money back guarantee! If you are not satisifed with the results, and we can't solve it for you within a reasonable time period, then we'll be happy to give you your money back.